Tenerife Weather October

Because of its climate, offering some of the most consistently pleasant temperatures in the world, especially when it comes to Tenerife weather October, you can decide the height of your vacation simply by pointing with eyes closed to calendar and rest easy knowing that time will be good during your stay in Tenerife. During the summer, unlike other destinations, Tenerife weather October does not become a furnace nor freezes in the winter months.

Tenerife Weather October

The appeal in all seasons means that the resorts are busy throughout the year more than other vacation spots in Europe. Actually there is low season, although as with other holiday destinations, has defined high and low seasons. An undoubted high season is one that goes from December to February. It is this high crowd that comes coldest of climates as in Britain, Germany and Scandinavia, to make sure that enjoying a winter less cold than they have at home.



Tenerife Canary Islands


Visitors coming from the Iberian Peninsula tend to prefer the season from May to October, especially because of Tenerife weather October. When life in the inner cities like Madrid and Seville is more like having a hairdryer pointed at people’s faces 24 hours a day, Tenerife provides a welcome sea breeze ensuring a cooler summer. Another busy time is Easter, when the fares go up accordingly. If looking for cheap should consider traveling between November and mid-December and between March and May, with the exception of Easter, of course.

Tenerife Weather Forecast October


The Canary Islands in the Atlantic zone of “Macaronesia” comprising, besides these, the archipelagos of Madeira islands, the Wild, the Azores, Cape Verde and part of Morocco. The Canary archipelago consists of seven main islands of volcanic origin located in the Atlantic, situated in front of the west coast of Africa, is one of the major goals of international tourism and bathing turn away about 1,100 km from the Iberian peninsula.



Tenerife Climate Canary Island


The climate of the Canary Islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Gomena, La Palma and El Hierro) is situated in the range sub-tropical Atlantic Ocean along the coast and sub ​​Saharan Africa.


Tenerife Climate Canary Islands